Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sculptural work with wire and wool 17 June 2015

Response to Rocket Artists performance at Tate Modern. Caroline asked to recycle the wool and tape used in a performance at Tate Modern at the launch of a book on Inclusive Arts Practice.  The intention is to photograph what we do with the wool and share that with the original Rocket artists from Brighton. So see what we did:

Now here are some more photos of what the artists from the afternoon group did with wire and the debris of wool:


  1. Wonderful!
    We love the way you took inspiration from the performance 'debris' at Tate Modern and we've enjoyed looking at the artwork that's coming from that. We will be able to look at it again with some of the Rocket Artists in the next few weeks so there may be some further comments that can carry on the visual conversation.
    Very best wishes,

  2. Great Jo, the dialogue is begun.... I will add some more photos, as this was only the morning's output.
    Caroline for Level Artists, Oh and I will share your comments with our group.